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The Idea-Bank project serves as a bridge between the development needs of the governorates in Yemen and the sons and friends of Yemen at home and abroad. The Idea-Bank offers the possibility to serve the society developmentally by providing it with ideas and experiences. Those ideas will help accelerate development, combat poverty and move towards prosperity. The Idea-Bank is an interactive platform designed to receive creative ideas that contribute to the development of the community. Every great success is began with a simple idea. That idea was taken care to turn into a reality in order to change and drive development forward. Idea-Bank calls for the donation of ideas that serve the community, not the ideas that serve the individual as business projects for instance; but ideas that affect the different segments of society to change the way of thinking and reality of society, create jobs and improve the standard of living of citizens. Everyone has an idea, but he may have difficulty in how to turn these ideas into...

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